Dr. John Carosso’s ebook: The Steps to Improving Your Child’s Behavior

An expanded content eBook about improving your child's behavior, with steps and videos..

The Steps to Improving Your Child’s Behavior There is a formula to child discipline. If you follow the recipe, the outcome is very predictable in a positive way. Children expect parents to behave in a particular manner; when they do, they tend to respond accordingly in terms of being more manageable, respectful, calmer, and grateful. When parents don’t follow the […]

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Full-Day Preschool Better Than Half-Day? Really?

Recent Research Findings out of the Institute of Child Development and Human Capital Research Collaborative (say that three times real fast) at the University of Minnesota found that kids who were involved in full-day preschool ended-up being more prepared for Kindergarten than those kiddos who went half-day. As per the reported highlights of the study, the former had better scores […]

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How is ADHD Diagnosed? (and is it over-diagnosed?)

Pathologizing? There is wide-spread belief that children are over-diagnosed and over-prescribed, which implies that some kids are ‘just being kids’ and we’re pathologizing them, i.e. giving them a diagnosis, counseling, and medication when we should, rather, be sensitive and accommodating to the wide-spectrum in children’s activity-level and ability to attend. Is this an accurate perspective? Just the facts Mam’ First, […]

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Top Ten Parental Discipline Strategies!!!

Without further ado, here they are: 1. ASSUME CONTROL Control based in Action/Relationship Don’t entertain explanations Project self-confidence Business-like Give direction, don’t make requests 2. AVOID ARGUMENTS AND EMOTION Cut-off communication if child becomes belligerent Avoid reasoning with child Give direction and walk away Communicate: It’s your problem, not mine 1-2-3 Magic 3. PLAN FOR NEXT TIME Discuss ahead of […]

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