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July 26, 2021

Check Out Our Library of Helpful Resources

We’ve Provided a Repository of Parent Resources!!

You might now know it, but our library of parent resources extends beyond the helpful articles I share here. If you check out you’ll see our Parent Resource section, and the archives of our CPC Presents television shows. The Resource section has many helpful links to information. The information covers autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, eating disorders, OCD, bio-medical interventions, dietary restrictions, Conduct Disorder, and information about support groups. Our CPC Presents program, hosted by Dr. Lowenstein, M.D. and I, ran for over three years on Channel 11’s PCNC. The archives on include 27 shows covering just about every childhood issue one can fathom including video game addiction, selective mutism, teenage cutting, ADHD, chronic hair pulling, and Tourette’s.

Don’t Forget to Explore Parent Resources Here

Are you looking for more information right now? You're in luck! On this site, you’ll find literally hundreds of posts and videos covering vexing childhood issues. Moreover, there is a Parent Resources tab that provides information about the facts and fallacies regarding ADHD, encopresis, ODD, a link to my book “The 5 Most Challenging Childhood Behavioral Health Issues of Our Day ”, as well as our “CPC Answer Series” on medication, autism, attachment disorder, ADHD and executive functioning, Dyslexia, Managing Your Child’s Public Behavior, Toilet Training, and a description of in-home and in-school services (formerly known as “wraparound services”).

Convenient, Accessible, and Practical

Our goal is to provide useful and practical information in a convenient and easy-to-use format. We trust you’ll find just that at these two sites. While you’re at it, check out to learn more about dyslexia and where there are a ton of autism resources, videos, and our interesting Q/A section. 

Happy reading (and watching), and may God bless you and your family. Have a wonderful rest of your summer. 

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