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January 20, 2012

Improve Your Child’s Community Behavior

Written by Dr. Carosso

No Drama Outings:
As many of you are too well aware, taking your kids out to the store, or restaurant, can be as adventure-packed as any Indiana Jones movie. However, those are occasions you’d rather do without the drama.

Get some help:
If you want some help to improve your child’s behavior during outings, just go, click on Parent Resources, and you’ll find a downloadable packet that provides dozens of tips and suggestions to help improve your child’s public behavior. While you’re there, you’ll also see a bunch of other free and downloadable packets and e-pamphlets targeting childhood:
-Mood problems
-Dietary considerations
-Toilet training
-Attachment Disorder and the Traumatized Child
-Encopresis (may not want to read that one before a meal)
-Helping the over-indulged child (I’ll need that for my kids)
-Dyslexia, and more.

Hope you find the packets and e-pamphlets to be helpful. Feel free to refer a friend. Please let me know of any other topics you want covered. God Bless.

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