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June 7, 2021

Dyslexia: What Is the Best Approach?

Written by Dr. John Carosso & Mrs. Beth Coulson

Our Team at the Dyslexia Diagnostic & Treatment Center (

Your child is in good hands at the Dyslexia Diagnostic & Treatment Center.  Evaluation and treatment services are overseen by Dr. Carosso, Clinical Child Psychologist/Certified School Psychologist, Dr. Robert Lowenstein, Board Certified Child Psychiatrist, and Mrs. Beth Coulson, Certified Language (Dyslexia) Therapist and our Lead Teacher.

In addition, we have a fantastic team of Reading Specialists all of whom are certified in Orton-Gillingham, which is the foundational approach in treating dyslexia and have years of experience.

How the Dyslexia Treatment Process Begins

Our treatment process begins with a comprehensive evaluation that may culminate in you, the parent, being informed, “your child has dyslexia.” That information can be a welcome relief to hear. Finally, someone can tell you what is happening with your kiddo. However, for many, it’s also a scary place full of unknowns and what-ifs. No matter where you find yourself on this spectrum of emotions, your next question generally is, “So, what do we do?” The good news: there is an answer to that question!

Today, we will be outlining dyslexia remediation: what should be included in a successful program, who should be facilitating those programs, and how long you can expect to have your child in remediation.


When you are looking for a successful dyslexia remediation program, you should look for the following characteristics:

  • Multi-Sensory

Proven remediation methods always use all three learning tracks to teach children: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic-tactile. Any proven dyslexia remediation program will have extensive practice in all three modes. This helps create stronger links in the brains of dyslexic learners!

  • Structured and Systematic

Those with dyslexia thrive on structure when they are learning. The more predictable and systemized the lesson, the easier it is to retain the knowledge. In addition, the more predictable the systems and procedures, the less brainpower necessary to determine “how” to practice and, as a result, your child can direct all the extra resources to practice the “what” of the lesson. All successful remediation programs will include a structured and systematic lesson plan.

  • Individualized Teaching Plans

Proven and successful remediation programs will ALL be individualized in their approach. This is arguably the most important part of a successful program – there are no cookie-cutter lesson plans here! Each lesson will be planned for your child specifically: highlighting their strengths, practicing their weaknesses, and using both to create a beautiful learning environment for your child!


Who is teaching your child is almost as important as what they are teaching. Dyslexia Reading Specialists are NOT tutors. In fact, they are often called dyslexia therapists and they have been through an extensive training program. Generally, this is many hours of training plus a supervised practicum. It is even better if your child’s therapist has an official certification, given through the International Association of Dyslexia or the Academic Language Therapy Association. Anyone with less training will ultimately be unable to effectively remediate dyslexia.

How Long?

There is no “quick fix” for dyslexia but research shows that students with dyslexia can be remediated (reading at grade level) in 1-3 years though progressive improvement is evident from the beginning of treatment; as one would expect, more severe cases take longer. Many things affect this rate including the level of severity of the dyslexia and the number of sessions per week. It is advised that your child has sessions no less than two times a week, although 3 or 4 are even better.

Dyslexia Treatment is an Investment

Remediating your child’s dyslexia is an investment in both time and money. Our students often come to us feeling dejected and frustrated but are discharged from services feeling more confident in their reading ability and happier with their classroom performance, which is priceless.

Our Staff’s Credentials, and Our Summer Intensive Therapy Program

The Dyslexia Diagnostic and Treatment Center is committed to fulfilling all these requirements and more. Our therapists are certified, trained, have vast experience and all use a version of the Orton-Gillingham curriculum. Our remediation services are intensive and effective, and can really help turn around your child’s academic life! If you would like more information on dyslexia remediation and options that The Dyslexia Diagnostic & Treatment Center offers, please email Beth Coulson at or click this link:

Hurry, spots for our summer intensive program are filling quickly!

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