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January 30, 2012

Autism Center of Pittsburgh!!

Written by Dr. John Carosso

Proud to Announce:
I am very pleased to announce that I’ve taken-on the role of Director of the nonprofit Autism Center of Pittsburgh (ACP). Of course, I’ll be continuing at Community Psychiatric Centers, with Dr. Lowenstein, conducting evaluations, providing consultation, and overseeing clinical matters.

Thrilled to be part of the ACP team:
I could not pass up this opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic and altruistic Center. ACP has been around for ten years, founded by Cindy Waeltermann, who fortunately is staying on-board and we’ll be working together to continue providing support to children with autism and their families. ACP also has Becca and Kris answering the always-ringing telephones and responding to parent's questions as well as managing the on-line store full of practical and enticing items. Initial and re-evaluations continue to take place for autism assessments, and ACP also touts a 900 member on-line chat room where parents provide support to one another. ACP has proudly provided service dogs, sponsored conferences, Holiday parties, and provided respite opportunities for parents, and there’s more to come.

Check it out:
Come visit ACP at and the latter of which is a national database for autism services. Join the listserv at AutismLink and receive autism-related updates and pertinent news. Don’t forget to check-out the ACP store as well.

Join ACP’s support network:
I hope you’ll consider supporting ACP; we accept on-line donations and would appreciate your generousity; I trust you’ll join us in upcoming fundraisers. We'll keep you informed. Also, all proceeds from the store support children with autism.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers:
We appreciate any ideas you may have to improve autism services, and welcome input about unmet needs for your child. Please let us know if there is something missing in your child’s treatment regimen, maybe we can help or develop a service program to close the gap. Feel free to email me directly at Finally, and most importantly, please keep ACP in your prayers; we feel privileged to do God’s work through this nonprofit effort, and need a daily boost of wisdom and discernment. Thanks again and God bless.

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