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August 20, 2015

Should Trophies be "Earned" or Given?

Written by Dr. John Carosso

The Controversy

Recently it was reported that James Harrison (Pittsburgh Steeler) took his kid's trophies because they were not 'earned'. This sparked an interesting debate.

Point, counter-point, and nuances

As would be expected, as with most issues, there is not necessarily a straight-forward 'right or wrong' answer given that certain nuances and conditions may exist with any given child, competition, and the type of recognition or "award."

Check out the article

To see more about this issue, check-out the recent edition of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review where I share my views on the matter with writer Kellie Gormly in the Living section. The article provides a broader perspective and what I hope you'll find to be some worthwhile points.

Here's the link:

What do you think?

Let's see what you have to say on the matter; share your thoughts on my facebook page:

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