Community Psychiatric Centers
Monroeville, Greensburg, Monessen, and Wilkinsburg Pittsburgh

Medication Management

Medication Management is provided by Robert A. Lowenstein, M.D. Prior to the prescription of medications, children and adolescents receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis of their mental health condition. Ongoing assessments of the child's progress, side effects, and need for modification of medication regimens occur on a regular basis.

Conditions treated with medication include Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, oppositional disorders, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorders. The goal of medication management is to provide the most effective medication at the lowest dosage to avoid side effects.

Families are involved in the decision making process regarding medications, and work under the guidance of Dr. Lowenstein.

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Locations in Monroeville, Greensburg, Pittsburgh, and Monessen, PA
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