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May 22, 2014

Don’t Miss These Helpful Parenting Resources!!

At you can find a bunch of helpful parenting resources.

Here are a few:

Check out our TV programs from “CPC Presents” covering any number of topics including:

o Facts and fallacies about autism
o Teenage cutting
o Understanding fears and phobias
o Facts and fallacies about ADHD
o Trichotillomania
o Selective mutism
o Managing behavior problems
o Bipolar Disorder in Children
o Video game addiction
o Back to school anxiety
o ADHD and Learning Disabilities
o Child custody issues
o Childhood sleep disorders
o And more

· We have a link to the site that offers on-line step-by-step guidance on how to effectively manage children with autism and/or behavioral challenges. We also have a link to our website.

· Of course, the CPB Blog is available (you’re reading it now) offering lots of tips and guidance on everything from autism, to learning issues, behavioral problems, mood, anxiety, and more. Please pass it on to a friend so they can sign-up as well.

· Our “Autism Spectrum” section answers the most common questions about the autism spectrum

· Under ‘Parent Resources’ we have our CPC Answers Series with over a dozen packets providing information about ADHD, Toilet Training, Mood Disorders, autism, dyslexia, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Encopresis, and more. Under that same section, we also offer a categorized index of helpful websites and resources on everything from autism to ADHD, and diet to sensory integration.

· Don’t forget our fun ‘Just for Kids’ section offering fun and educational games and activities.

· Of course, the site can also be used to locate our offices, make an apt, and download our intake packet.

We trust you’ll find the website to be easy to navigate and helpful. Let us know of anything you’d like added to the site. Have a great day!!

Dr. John Carosso

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