ADHD: What’s Executive Functioning Got To Do With It?

ADHD and Excecutive Functioning

The Importance of the Executive Functions ADHD is described as a disorder of the prefrontal lobe of our cerebral cortex, which is the area of the brain that controls higher-order thinking. This ‘higher-order thinking’ is also known as a set of executive functions that help us to more effectively get through our day. The specific executive functions include: Impulse control, […]

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Is There a “Cure” for Dyslexia?

Written by Dr. John Carosso So, is there a “cure”? There is not a “cure” for dyslexia. However, to better-understand the answer to this question, it’s best to review the nature of dyslexia and its underpinnings. In that respect, dyslexia is a neurological disorder in the sense that at least three particular areas of the brain, in charge of recognizing […]

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Let’s Talk About How We Diagnose And Treat Autism Part III: Treatment of More Severe Autism

Autism Treatment

Written by Dr. John Carosso Where we left off We spent the past few posts discussing the diagnosis and treatment of mild autism. By the way, your subsequent comments and questions have been remarkable and very thought-provoking; thank you. At this point, you already know the general signs and symptoms of autism (if not, just check-out any number of my […]

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How To Talk To Your Kids About Terrorism (‘The Incredibles’ Approach)

Parenting- parent reassuring child

Written by Dr. John Carosso Did you see that movie? The Incredibles is a great flick; probably one of the best animated movies. This family starts out as this dysfunctional unit who can’t communicate, are at-odds with one another, feeling no confidence or competence, but end-up coming together as a fighting force ready to take on the world and then […]

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Let’s Talk About Dyslexia

Written by Dr. John Carosso ‘Dyslexia’ does not have to mean ‘disability’ If your child has a reading disorder, better known as dyslexia, it’s vital you understand the underpinnings of the problem and where to turn for help. In that respect,  you and your child need to know that the problem does not reside with him or her, but with […]

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