How to Treat Your Child’s Depression & Anxiety

Helping your child with depression and anxiety

As one would expect given my occupation, I’m often approached by teens and their parents, about feelings of depression and anxiety. It’s troubling to see a child or adolescent struggling, but it’s uplifting to know that there are practical and very effective strategies to improve the situation. Let’s review them today. 😊 What Causes Depression and Anxiety? First, Let’s review […]

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Selective Mutism: Is Your Child Just Shy, Or Is It Something More?

Is it Selective Mutism, or just shyness?

Selective Mutism vs ‘Just Being Shy’ Selective mutism is a diagnosable condition that significantly interferes with a child’s ability to adapt and function in social situations. It’s defined as a failure to speak in situations where the child is expected to speak. The child perceives the situation as uncomfortable and usually with a degree of social pressure to interact. Novel […]

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