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November 14, 2016

Bolstering Your Child’s Self-Esteem: Part I- Relationship with God

Written by Dr. John Carosso

Parents often express concerns to me about their child’s apparent lack of self-esteem. I’ve found the process of bolstering a child’s self-concept to be a four-step process; these four steps include your child’s relationship with God, relationship with you (the parent), achievement, and the words you use. I’ll explain each over the next four posts.

Where it all starts

I suppose it’s only fitting to begin this discussion, of bolstering your child’s self-esteem, with the One with whom it all began, our Heavenly Father. I’ve found that it’s incredibly heartening for your child to be taught and often-reminded that our All-Powerful God and the Creator of the universe has called them by name, adopted them into His family, is guiding by the hand, loves and cares for them more than words can say, has a specific plan for their life, and will see that plan through to fruition.

Hard to feel down…

It’s kinda tough to feel down in the dumps when placed in such a high position of being a child of God. A strong spiritual walk and understanding also helps to put things into perspective, give a reason and purpose to life, an understanding of the future and death, and can be a calming and reassuring influence. It’s no accident that research consistently shows that those who have a strong spiritual walk tend to be happier, more content, and less prone toward depression and anxiety.

That’s the first step

Okay, I hope you found this first step to bolstering your child’s self-esteem to be helpful. I’ll cover the next three over the next three posts. In the meantime, I think you know what you can be doing with your kiddo 😉

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